ProDesigners Architects was established in 1994 with a vision to create a truly international design company firmly established in each region with a strong focus on New Zealand and the Pacific.

At ProDesigners Architects we pride ourselves on our quality of service. We guide our clients through developing their brief and design, and help them visualise these designs with the aid of cutting-edge technology to create 3D views and fly-throughs. Our designs are contextual, creative and contemporary. We adhere to budget and brief constraints. We listen to our clients closely and work tirelessly to create the best outcome for all stakeholders.

Our architectural team consists of eighteen Architects and designers across our offices in Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, Fiji, Timor Leste and our head office in Auckland, New Zealand. In addition to this we have five structural engineers in New Zealand, and two members of our firm qualified in Town Planning. It is a practice member of the NZIA (New Zealand Institute of Architects), PNGIA (Papua New Guinea Institute of Architects) and FAA (Fiji Association of Architects)

Extensive knowledge of the contexts in which we work and to which we respond, is a prerequisite for good building design. Aspects of context-responsive design include orientation, climate, topography, culture, economy, local market conditions, building industry methods, construction materials and standards. Within the constraints that may be imposed by the context, the budget and the brief, we adhere to the sustainability / resilience principles of low energy, long life, the use of renewable resources and our social responsibility to the wider community.




ProDesigners Architects成立于1994年,旨在创建一个扎根当地、稳固发展的国际设计公司,重点关注新西兰和太平洋地区。 

ProDesigners Architects以服务质量为荣。我们引导客户充分表达想法,并借助全新的3d视图和动画等,帮助他们可视化这些设计。我们的设计本土化、有创意、充满现代感,同时精打细算,帮助客户节约成本。我们密切关注客户需求,不懈努力,力求为所有客户创造最佳结果。 







ProDesigners Architects Ltd have worked on numerous projects that includes retail and commercial buildings, mixed-use development, schools, residential, hotels, entertainment complexes, and healthcare facilities.

Many of the projects we undertake involve a complex brief, multiple stakeholders or highly sensitive environments. Regardless of the challenge we are faced with, our team has the proven ability to deliver a design solution that meets the needs of the client and its users.

As well as providing architectural design and delivery services, ProDesigners Architects Ltd operates a specialist interiors team, which delivers commercially-focussed interior design for a range of environments, including offices, retail stores, bars, restaurants and entertainment projects

ProDesigners Architects Ltd has delivered various projects throughout New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Tonga and Samoa. No matter the size of the project, our commitment to providing a well-considered design, that meets functional and commercial requirements, remains the same. 

Prodesigners Architects Ltd also have an in house 3D visualisation team for preparing anything from 3D still perspective views to 3D animation videos, whether it’s a small residential house or a large commercial  or hotel project.




ProDesigners Architects Ltd参与了许多项目,包括零售和商业建筑,综合开发,学校,住宅,酒店,娱乐综合设施和医疗设施。


除了提供建筑设计和咨询服务外,ProDesigners Architects Ltd还拥有专业的室内设计团队,为各种环境提供商业化的室内设计,包括办公室,零售店,酒吧,餐厅和娱乐项目

ProDesigners Architects Ltd在新西兰,巴布亚新几内亚,斐济,汤加和萨摩亚各地开展了各种项目。无论项目规模如何,我们都保持承诺提供经过深思熟虑的,同时满足功能和商业要求的设计。

Prodesigners Architects Ltd还拥有一个内部3D可视化团队,可以准备从3D静态视角到3D动画视频的任何内容,无论是小型住宅还是大型商业或酒店项目。 





We seek to fulfil the aesthetic “mandate” to provide environments of enduring beauty and interest that lift the spirit. The company continuously strives to be one of the leading architectural firms in the Pacific region. We are committed to our core values of excellence, integrity, innovation, creativity, enjoyment and diversity. We achieve our goals through research and development and the on-going training of talented and creative staff working as an international network of experts delivering high quality projects for our clients

As a business, we’re tenacious – we see things through, until the right result is delivered. Our commercial focus means the design solutions we create answer the client’s brief not just in terms of design, form and function, but in relation to return on investment too.

We’re also boundary-less. We enjoy pushing design to see how far we can go, and have proven that we can create successful buildings both locally and overseas.

Our client-centric nature means that we often become a trusted confidant for those that engage us. Clients can share their vision and their constraints freely with us, safe in the knowledge that our team will find a design solution that meets their needs.

1.      Enjoyment of Service Excellence: We make a difference to the lives of our clients and  society through our designs and projects; we strive for excellence in all we do.

2.      Equity and fairness: We value all of our clients and staff and treat all with professionalism; we strive to ensure zero harm and social equity in all our work

3.      Diversity: We value the diverse background of our staff and clients; diversity adds to richness of experience and creativity in developing new patterns of thought.

4.      Integrity: Means we do what we say when we say; we act with honesty and integrity in all we do.

5.      Creativity and Innovation: We value practical creativity to ensure our designs are current and maximise the potential of the site and budget.








1.享受卓越服务:通过我们的设计和项目,我们为客户和社会的生活带来改变; 我们努力追求卓越。

2.公平与公正:我们重视所有客户和员工,以专业精神对待所有人; 我们努力确保所有工作中的零伤害和社会公平

3.多元化:我们重视员工和客户的多元化背景; 在开发新的思维模式时,多样性提供了丰富的经验和创造力。

4.诚信:意味着我们说到做到; 我们所做的一切都是诚实正直的。




Organisation Structure


Shareholders and directors – Kayhan and Aryana Khadem

Company was Incorporated in 1994.  Branches were established in Papua New Guinea in 2011, then in Timor Leste in 2014 and in Fiji in 2016.




股东和董事 - Kayhan和Aryana Khadem







ProDesigners Architects Ltd has been regular AutoCAD (Computer Aided Design) user since it first started in 1994. AutoCAD is the industry standard for 2D and 3D documentation in the architectural field. It is also widely used by other consultants in their particular  field of expertise which provides a seamless collaboration of different stakeholders to the project from concept design to completion. ProDesigners Architects Ltd have dedicated CAD machines used for documentation of projects in 2D and 3D.

Over the last few years, Prodesigners Architects have slowly moved into BIM (Building Information Modelling) with the use of Autodesk Revit. Revit creates a BIM model containing information with which Architects, Designers, Engineers and Construction Firms can use to collaborate and make a more informed and effective decision earlier on in the design process to deliver project on time and more efficiently. Any information that is input into Revit automatically is produced in 3D while giving clients an understanding of how the project is progressing from concept design to construction.

Revit can also be used in more complex and sophisticated projects where collaboration with other consultants that use Revit ( eg. Structural, mechanical, hydraulic, electrical engineers) to determine any early complications with services and structural design issues.

We have staff trained in using Revit through an accredited Autodesk Training Centre (ATC) and have implemented these skills in recent office projects to date.




ProDesigners Architects Ltd自1994年成立以来一直是常规AutoCAD(计算机辅助设计)用户.AutoCAD是建筑领域2D和3D文档的行业标准。其他顾问在其特定的专业领域也广泛使用它,从概念设计到完成,提供不同利益相关者与项目的无缝协作。 ProDesigners Architects Ltd拥有专用的CAD计算机,用于2D和3D项目的文档记录。

在过去几年中,Prodesigners Architects使用Autodesk Revit慢慢进入BIM(建筑信息模型)。 Revit创建了一个BIM模型,其中包含建筑师,设计师,工程师和建筑公司可以用来进行协作的信息,并在设计过程的早期阶段做出更明智和有效的决策,以便按时交付项目并提高效率。任何自动输入Revit的信息都是以3D形式生成的,同时让客户了解项目从概念设计到施工的进展情况。






3D Architectural Visualisation


At Prodesigners Architect Ltd, we also specialise in residential and commercial architectural visualisation and 3D graphic design providing a wide range of services from 3D architectural visualisation, architectural house plans drawing to interior and exterior 3D video walkthrough creation.

Initial concept sketches are digitally translated using our in-house cad system and then built in digital 3D with the final output in our 3D rendering software. 

Projects can vary in size from a simple 2D colour floor plan to a 3D visualisation image of a residential house to a full walk-through animation video of a large commercial project.

Visualisation Software:

·         AutoCAD

·         Revit (BIM Modelling)

·         Sketch-up

·         Photoshop

·         Lumion 3D (Real-time rendering)




在Prodesigners Architect Ltd,我们还专注于住宅和商业建筑可视化和3D图形设计,提供从3D建筑可视化,建筑房屋图纸到室内外3D漫步视频的广泛服务。















Prodesigners Architects Ltd carries both Professional Indemnity Insurance policy with Aon New Zealand with a cover of $5 Million and Public Liability Insurance policy with Vero New Zealand with a cover of $5 Million.




Prodesigners Architects Ltd 拥有由新西兰Aon提供专业赔偿保险保单,保单金额为500万新西兰元,以及由新西兰Vero提供的公共责任保险保单,保单金额为500万新西兰元。



Quality Assurances


·       Regular office meetings to co-ordination works

·       Office minutes meetings to discuss agendas regarding any design issue

·       Using the CIC: Construction Industry Council as a guide, Masterspec

·       NZIA Good Architecture Practice Guidelines

·       File sharing (Dropbox, OneDrive) uploading latest files for co-ordination with different specialized consultants involved in the project.

Quality Control Process:

·       We have generated checklists, forms and documents for each key phase of a project. The Good Architectural Practice guidelines and the guidelines set out by the NZCIC were the basis for these documents.

·       These are tailored to suit various types of projects either small or large in scale. We now have extensive checklists in place for our Lounge projects, capturing all the latest specification changes to  materials, fittings, fixtures, finishes etc, any detailing preferences (what worked on site, what looks good etc),

Senior Architects and Senior Designers within our team also carry out documentation checks before drawing issues for lodgment with consents.
















Health & Safety


The safety and well-being of our staff clients and contacts is a priority for ProDesigners. We value the health and well-being of all people and have a zero-harm policy (see our environmental and social responsibility policies).  However, we have a particular focus on those for whom we feel responsible and are part of our team at ProDesigners.

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that the health, safety and well-being of our staff, visitors and clients is protected and that no harm comes to them while engaged with activity with ProDesigners.

In developing this policy we have drawn on the health and safety policies of the New Zealand Institute of Architects. However, we have added our own particular focus and not simply replicated the NZIA policy.




我们的员工客户和联系人的安全和福祉是ProDesigners的首要任务。 我们重视所有人的健康和福祉,并制定零伤害政策(参见我们的环境和社会责任政策)。 但是,我们特别关注那些我们对其负责,并且是ProDesigners团队的一员的人。


在制定这项政策时,我们借鉴了新西兰建筑师协会的健康和安全政策。 但是,我们增加了自己特别关注的重点,而不仅仅是复制了新西兰建筑师协会的政策。



Company Experience


Our portfolio includes a range of commercial projects, from offices to retail to hospitality. We continually have commercial projects rolling out of the office. Our experience to date includes hotels, resorts, offices, warehouses, mixed-use buildings, retail and eatery fit-outs, shopping malls, and supermarket projects.

Our capabilities and services is based on past experience, completed projects, staff training and qualifications, and on the qualifications and experience of the consultants associated with us.

Prodesigners Architects Ltd has been involved in various projects within New Zealand as well as project around the pacific including Solomon Islands, Tonga, Samoa, Papua New Guinea and Fiji.


·         Offices for commercial enterprises and government institutions

·         Educational facilities and in particular, kindergartens

·         Retail and Commercial Fit Outs

·         Auditoria, cinemas, performing art spaces

·         Hotels and Resorts

·         Mixed-use developments

·         Sport facilities including swimming pools

·         Master planning

·         Places of worship

·         Medium and high density residential developments

·         New residences, alterations and additions

3D Architectural Visualisation

·         3D Architectural Perspective Views

·         Colour Floor Plan Presentation

·         3D Animation Video Presentation






Prodesigners Architects Ltd参与了新西兰的各种项目以及太平洋周边的项目,包括所罗门群岛,汤加,萨摩亚,巴布亚新几内亚和斐济。









· 区域规划

· 宗教场所